Ask Disha 2.0: Your Password-Free Train Ticket Booking Assistant

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Ask Disha 2.0: Gone are the days of struggling with passwords and complex forms! IRCTC has introduced Ask Disha 2.0, a revolutionary AI chatbot that simplifies train ticket booking using conversational AI and OTP verification. Let’s understand how it works:

What is Ask Disha 2.0?

Ask Disha 2.0 is an AI-powered virtual assistant that assists users with various train-related tasks, including:

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  • Booking tickets: You can now book train tickets through a conversation with Ask Disha. Simply tell her your desired route, date, and preferences, and she will guide you through the selection process.
  • Checking PNR status: Need to know the confirmation status of your ticket? Ask Disha can retrieve your PNR information and provide updates.
  • Canceling tickets: Changing plans? Ask Disha can help you cancel your booked tickets and initiate the refund process.
  • Checking refund status: Track your refund status by providing your PNR details to Ask Disha.

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Why use Ask Disha 2.0?

Ask Disha offers several benefits, making it a convenient and efficient option for train ticket booking:

  • No password needed: Forget remembering complex passwords. Ask Disha uses a secure OTP verification system for authentication.
  • Conversational booking: Book tickets through a user-friendly chat interface, making the process more natural and interactive.
  • Multilingual support: Ask Disha is available in both English and Hindi, catering to a wider user base.
  • Multiple channels: Access Ask Disha through the IRCTC website, mobile app, or even voice commands, offering greater flexibility.

How to use Ask Disha 2.0:

  1. Access IRCTC: Visit the official IRCTC website ( or download the IRCTC Rail Connect app.
  2. Locate Ask Disha: Look for the Ask Disha icon or chat window on the IRCTC platform.
  3. Start a conversation: Type your request or question in the chat window.
  4. Follow the prompts: Ask Disha will guide you through the process, requesting necessary information and confirming your choices.
  5. Verify with OTP: Once your details are finalized, you’ll receive an OTP for verification.
  6. Complete the process: Upon successful verification, Ask Disha will confirm your booking or provide the requested information.

Additional points to note:

  • While Ask Disha simplifies booking, you’ll still need a registered IRCTC account to utilize its services.
  • The option to use Ask Disha might not be readily available on all pages of the IRCTC website or app. Look for the specific “Ask Disha” section or chat window.

With its user-friendly interface and password-free convenience, Ask Disha 2.0 promises to revolutionize the way you book your train tickets in India. So, the next time you plan a journey, consider giving Ask Disha a try and experience a smoother, more conversational booking experience.

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