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Cyclone Mocha New Update | Super cyclone Mocha pummels Bangladesh,

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Cyclone Mocha New Update: A cyclonic storm is expected to cause major damage in the Indian subcontinent. Cyclone Mocha, which developed from the Bay of Bengal, has now reached the coast of Bangladesh.

Due to this, it is raining heavily in many areas of Myanmar. Their winds are blowing at a speed of 195 kilometers per hour. An alert has been given that the wind speed can be 250 kilometers per hour.

The Meteorological Department of Bangladesh has said that ‘Mocha’ could be the most powerful cyclone to hit the country in the last 2 decades. Due to this, the period of strong wind and rain continues in Bangladesh-Myanmar.

According to the World Metrological Organization, “Cyclone Mocha” can wreak havoc in the areas above the Bay of Southeast Bengal. It is believed that it can also destroy the Rohingya Refugee Camp located on the Bangladesh-Myanmar border.

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Threat to refugee camp on Bangladesh-Myanmar border

Thousands of Rohingya Muslims are living in Rohingya Refugee Camp. According to BBC, last Saturday night “Cyclone Mocha” turned into a severe cyclonic storm over the central and adjoining southeast Bay of Bengal. Now it is likely to affect the world’s largest refugee camp.

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This island can drown (Cyclone Mocha New Update)!

This cyclonic storm can also destroy Coral Island, St. Martin. According to meteorologists, there is a danger of the sinking of the island. In such a situation, airports have been closed and fishermen have been asked not to venture into the sea.

According to the Indian Meteorological Department, in view of the danger, 8 teams of NDRF and 200 rescuers have been deployed in Bengal.

Where did “Cyclone Mocha” come from?

The name of this storm has been decided by Yemen, a country in the Arabian Peninsula. Mocha coffee was introduced to the world 500 years ago by the coastal city of “Mocha” (or Mukha) in Yemen bordering the Red Sea. The storm has been named Mocha after the name of this city.

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