Food Department Important Update | Food Department has issued an important update

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Food Department Important Update:  Are you getting the right goods on your ration card? How many goods will you get on any category card? Out of the five types of ration cards issued by the food department, your ration card is APL or BPL, please read the full report to know the details.

Food Department Important Update | Food Department has issued an important update

Since the epidemic, the central and state governments have been giving free rations to the common people. However, as the situation normalized, the state government has recently stopped giving free rations. A special update in this regard has been released by the state government since last month.

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Recently, the food department issued a notice stating how many ration items the consumers will get in the coming days. Common people are very worried due to the sudden shortage of ration products. Besides, many people do not know whether their card is APL or BPL. So to clear doubts the exact amount of goods you will get in case of a specific card is discussed below.

AAY (Anthaya Anna Yojana):-

It is a type of BPL (Below Poverty Line) card. AAY or Antyodaya Anna Yojana card is available to the poorest sections of society. Holders of this card will get 21 kg rice and 14 kg wheat free per family in the coming days. In addition, these cardholders will also get 1 kg of sugar at the rate of Tk 13.50 per kg.

PHH (Priority Household):-

Priority Household or PHH is a category BPL card. Poor people who are backward in society get this card. This card will get 3 kg of rice and 2 kg of wheat per person in the coming days. In many cases, instead of wheat, you can get flour at 1.9 kg per head completely free.

SPHH (State Priority Household):-

People who are not financially well off get SPHH or State Priority Household Ration Card. It is also a type of BPL ration card. Beneficiaries of this card will get the same food items as the PHH category as per the instructions of the Food Department. But in special cases, sometimes you will get 50 grams of sugar per head.

RKSY-I (State Food Security Scheme-I):-

It is a type of BPL card. Backward people of the state who are not in good financial condition get this card. RKSY-I or Rajya Khadya Suraksha Yojana is a card under the State Food Security Act. In the coming days, the beneficiaries of this card will get 5 kg of rice per head absolutely free.

RKSY-II (State Food Security Scheme-II):-

RKSY-II is a type of APL (Above Poverty Line) card under the Rajya Khadya Suraksha Yojana. As per the instructions of the Food Department, these cardholders will get 2 kg of rice per head in the coming days.

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