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WB Police GK Question Answers 2023:

Kolkata Police General Knowledge 1 –

  • Question: What acid is there in the bites of ants and bees?
    Answer: Formic acid/Methanoic acid.
  • Question: Who called the rebellion of 1857 AD as India’s first war of independence?
    Answer: Vinayak Damodar Savarkar.
  • Question: Who led the sepoy rebellion in Ayodhya?
    Answer: Maulvi Ahmad Ullah.
  • Question: What is the name of the stock market regulatory body?
    Answer: SEBI.
  • Question: Who is the Chief Executive Officer of Lok Sabha in India?
    Answer: Speaker of Lok Sabha.
  • Question: Who is the current Speaker of Lok Sabha of India?
    Answer: Om Birla.
  • Question: Suez Canal connects –
    Answer: Mediterranean Sea and Red Sea.
  • Question: Which king built the ‘Lion Capital’ of Sarnath?
    Answer: Ashoka.
  • Question: Where did the Aryans live in India during the Rigveda period?
    Answer: In Saptasindhu area.
  • Question: When did the Aryans come to India?
    Answer: Around 1500 BC.
  • Question: What is another name for regur soil?
    Answer: Krishna soil.
  • Question: What is the other name of desert soil?
    Answer: Serozem.
  • Question: What is the shallow swamp of Gujarat called?
    Answer: Ran.
  • Question: What is the name of the highest peak of the Himalayas located in India?
    Answer: Kanchenjunga.
  • Question: Where is the headquarters of Southern Railway?
    Answer: In Chennai.
  • Question: What is the movement of the leaves of the forest?
    Answer: Variation curve.
  • Question: What is the presence of blood in urine called?
    Answer: Hematuria.
  • Question: Who founded India House?
    Answer: Shyamji Krishna Varma.
  • Question: Hunter Commission was formed in which year?
    Answer: In 1882.
  • Question: When is the International Day of Non-Violence celebrated?
    Answer: 2nd October.

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Kolkata Police General Knowledge 2 –

  • Question: Who won the 2022 Major Dhyanchad Khel Ratna Award?
    Answer: Table tennis player Sarath Kamal Achant.
  • Question: Who won the 2022 Nobel Prize in Medicine?
    Answer: Sante Pabo is a resident of Sweden.
  • Question: Which metal is formed by mixing copper and tin?
    Answer: Brass.
  • Question: How many chambers are there in the Parliament of India?
    Answer: 2.
  • Question: What is the East Coast of India known as?
    Answer: Karmandal coast.
  • Question: Where did the first game of cricket start in India?
    Answer: In Mumbai.
  • Question: Which sport is Sakshi Malik associated with?
    Answer: Freestyle wrestling.
  • Question: What is the amount of sugar in the blood of adult people?
    Answer: 80-120 grams.
  • Question: Which is the only Bengali film that won the Oscar?
    Answer: Path Panchali.
  • Question: In which year was the Collective Development Program launched in India?
    Answer: In 1952.
  • Question: Who or who finally approves the draft five year plan of India?
    Answer: National Development Council.
  • Question: Who was present as the chief guest at the 74th Republic Day?
    Answer: Egyptian President Abdel Fateh al-Sisi.
  • Q: Who has been selected as FIFA player of the year?
    Answer: Lionel Messi.
  • Question: Who is the first martyr of sepoy rebellion?
    Answer: Mangal Pandey.
  • Question: Which Englishman came to India first?
    Answer: Thomas Stephenson.
  • Question: Which day is celebrated as National Law Day?
    Answer: 26th November.
  • Question: How many Schedules are mentioned in the Indian Constitution?
    Answer: 12.
  • Question: Who took the title of ‘Devanang Priya Priyadarshi’?
    Answer: Ashoka.
  • Question: Who invented the computer?
    Answer: Charles Babbage.
  • Question: Everyone is familiar with the word laptop, what is the meaning of the word ‘lap’ here?
    Answer: Cole.

General Knowledge 3 –

  • Question: Whose name is Hutom Pachcha?
    Answer: Kaliprasanna Singha.
  • Q: What is the name of a mixed nerve?
    Answer: Vegas.
  • Question: How many basic vowels?
    Answer: 7.
  • Question: Which Indian documentary won the Oscar in recent years?
    Answer: The Elephant Whisperers.
  • Question: Why is the color of the soil red?
    Answer: Due to the presence of iron.
  • Question: ‘Hepatitis-B’ virus causes which disease?
    Answer: Jaundice.
  • Question: Which fruit is produced more in the world?
    Answer: Banana.
  • Question: What is the slogan of freedom, equality, brotherhood?
    Answer: French Revolution.
  • Q: What was Surjit Chatterjee associated with?
    Answer: Piano.
  • Question: Who is the author of the book ‘Kadambari’?
    Answer: Banabhatta.
  • Question: Golden Temple is associated with which religion?
    Answer: Sikh.
  • Question: What is the oldest book of India?
    Answer: Rikveda.
  • Question: Where is India’s largest botanical garden located?
    Answer: Shivpur, Howrah, West Bengal.
  • Question: What was Udaya Shankar associated with?
    Answer: Dance.
  • Question: Which country won the recent FIFA World Cup 2022?
    Answer: Argentina.
  • Question: Mahesh Bhupathi is associated with which sport?
    Answer: Tennis.
  • Question: How many states were there in subjugated India?
    Answer: 562
  • Question: What is the total length of the coastline of India?
    Answer: 6,100 km.
  • Question: In which layer of the atmosphere are radio waves reflected?
    Answer: In the ionosphere.
  • Question: What is the waste material of dead plants and animal bodies?
    Answer: Biomass.

General Knowledge 4 – (WB Police GK Question Answers)

  • Question: Which substance is non-metal but conducts heat and electricity?
    Answer: Graphite.
  • Question: At what temperatures are the difference between Fahrenheit and Centigrade thermometers the same?
    Answer: -40 degree Celsius.
  • Question: Which is the volcanic island located in the Bay of Bengal?
    Answer: Barren and Narcondom.
  • Question: Which is the longest beach in India?
    Answer: Marina Brich.
  • Question: Name the metal that floats in water?
    Answer: Lithium and sodium.
  • Question: According to the 2011 census, what is the place of West Bengal in terms of population?
    Answer: Fourth.
  • Q: Where does the Tropic of Cancer spread in West Bengal?
    Answer: Above Krishnanagar town in Nadia district.
  • Question: What disease is caused by lack of insulin?
    Answer: Diabetes.
  • Question: In which muscle transverse lines are not seen?
    Answer: In skeletal muscle.
  • Question: According to which article the Constitution of India is amended?
    Answer: Section 368.
  • Question: According to how many constitutional amendments the right to property has been excluded from this fundamental right?
    Answer: 42nd Amendment.
  • Q: When was the first Sikh war?
    Answer: 1845-46 AD.
  • Question: Which city is called “City of Palaces”?
    Answer: Kolkata.
  • Q: When was the Jan-Gana-Man national anthem first sung?
    Answer: 1911 AD.
  • Question: Who won the first ‘Arjuna Award’ in Indian football?
    Answer: P. K. Banerjee.
  • Question: Who is the first Indian model to become Miss World?
    Answer: Rita Faria.
  • Question: When did the Hijri era begin?
    Answer: 622 AD.
  • Question: What is the main language of Kerala?
    Answer: Malayalam.
  • Question: According to the 2022 report, which is the most polluted city in India?
    Answer: Delhi.
  • Q: Who is India’s 78th Chess Grand Master?
    Answer: Kaustab Chatterjee.

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