Albert Einstein Birth Anniversary | Albert Einstein Biography

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Albert Einstein Birth Anniversary: Albert Einstein was a German physicist, widely regarded as one of the greatest physicists of all time. Einstein completely changed our understanding of the universe. Today we think of time travel because of his theories. He explained how gravity works, how gravity affects time, what would happen if we traveled at the speed of light, and many other theories that rocked physics.

Overview of Albert Einstein Birth Anniversary 

  • Name: Albert Hermann Einstein
  • Born: 14 March 1879 Ulma (Germany)
  • Father: Hermann Einstein
  • Mother: Pauline Koch
  • Wives: First Mariak and second Elisa Lowen Thal.

Childhood and Schooling

Albert Einstein was born on 14 March 1879 in a Jewish family in Germany. His father was Hermann Einstein and his mother was Pauline Einstein. Hermann Einstein was a salesman and engineer who supplied electrical equipment. In 1980, Hermann Einstein and Pauline Einstein came to live in Munich, 160 kilometers away from Ulma (Albert Einstein Birth Anniversary).

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Settling there, Hermann Einstein and Albert’s uncle Jakob Einstein founded a new company that manufactured electrical equipment for direct current (DC).

Early Life of Albert Einstein:

Albert Einstein Birth Anniversary was born on 14 March 1879 in a Jewish family in Württemberg, Germany. His father Hermann Einstein was an engineer and salesman while his mother was Pauline Einstein. In 1880, his family moved to the city of Munich where his father and uncle founded the Elektrotechnische Fabrik J. Einstein & Co. opened a company named The company manufactured electrical equipment and provided lighting for the first time at Munich’s Oktoberfest fair.

Albert Einstein’s family did not believe in Jewish religious traditions and that is why Einstein went to a Catholic school to study. But later at the age of 8, he transferred from there to the Luitpold Gymnasium (now known as the Albert Einstein Gymnasium), where he took secondary and higher secondary education, staying there for the next 7 years until He did not leave Germany.

In 1895, at the age of 16, Insta took the entrance examination for the Swiss Federal Polytechnic, Zurich, later known as the Edigenossische Technische Hochschule (ETH). Except for the subjects of Physics and Mathematics, he failed to get enough marks in other subjects. And finally, on the advice of the Principal of the Polytechnic, he went to the Argovian Cantonal School, Aaru, Switzerland. He completed his higher secondary education from there in 1895-96.

The invention of Albert Einstein :

Albert Einstein made many inventions for which his name started being counted among famous scientists. Some of his inventions are as follows –

  • Quantum Theory of Light – In Einstein’s quantum theory of light, he created small bags of energy called photons, which have wave-like characteristics. In his theory, he explained the emission of electrons from some metals. He created the photo-electric effect. After this theory, he invented television, which shows the scene through art. Many such devices have been invented in modern times. E = MC square – Einstein proved an equation between mass and energy, today it is called nuclear energy.
  • Brownian Movement – This can be said to be the biggest and best discovery of Albert Einstein, where he observed the zigzag movement in the suspension of atoms, which is helpful in proving the existence of molecules and atoms. We all know that in today’s time, most of the branches of science are main. Read the Wonders of Science essay here.
  • Special Theory of Relativity – In this theory of Albert Einstein, the relation between time and speed has been explained. The speed of light in the universe has been described as continuous and according to the law of nature. General Theory of Relativity – Albert Einstein proposed that gravity is a curved region in the space-time continuum, which explains the existence of mass.

He got an appointment as a professor at the University of Zurich and people started considering him as a great scientist. In 1905, at the age of 26, he propounded the theory of relativity, which made him world famous. He wrote only four articles on this subject which changed the face of physics.

The famous equation of this theory is E = mc2, due to which the atomic bomb could be made. Because of this, the foundation of Electric Eye was laid. Because of this, the research could be done on sound film and TV. Einstein received the world-famous Nobel Prize for this discovery.

After getting a bachelor’s degree, he thought about teaching students, but due to Albert’s greater knowledge, he did not get a job initially. In 1902, Albert Einstein got a temporary job in the city of Bern, Switzerland. Now he got a lot of time to write and publish his research articles. He started working hard to get a doctorate degree and finally, he got the doctorate degree.

Ideas of Albert Einstein :

  • Two things are infinite: the stupidity of the universe and man; And I cannot say with certainty about the universe.
  • The person who never made a mistake never tried anything new.
  • Every human being is a genius.
  • Don’t try to be a successful person. Rather, be a man of values.
  • An hour seems like a second when you are sitting with a nice girl. A second seems like an hour when you’re sitting on a burning ember. This is relativity.
  • Anger resides only in the chest of fools.
  • We need a whole new way of thinking if human life is to survive.
  • Man should see what is, not what he thinks should be.
  • No problem can be solved by living at the same level of consciousness at which it has arisen.
  • To respect an authority figure without question is to go against the truth.
  • Learning from yesterday, living for today, and hoping for tomorrow. Most importantly, don’t stop asking questions.
  • The difference between stupidity and intelligence is that there is a limit to intelligence.
  • Life is like riding a bicycle in a way. Just as we need balance on a bicycle to move forward, in the same way, we can move forward in life by living a balanced life.
  • If you know all the rules for doing something, you can do it better than anyone.
  • A ship is safest on the shore, but it is not made to stand on the shore.

Interesting fact :

Albert Einstein was going to give a speech one day, while going on the way, his driver told him that I have heard his speech so many times that only I can give his speech in front of people. After listening to him, he said to him, ‘Okay, today you give a speech in my place’ Einstein took his place wearing the driver’s dress and gave his place to the driver. In the speech hall, the driver really gave a rousing speech, just like Einstein.

After the speech, people started asking questions and the driver gave correct answers with full confidence. But someone asked such a difficult question that the driver did not know the answer. On this, the driver said, “Hey, the answer to this question is so simple that only my driver will tell you.” By saying this, he made Einstein stand up to answer wearing a driver’s dress.

The great scientist Albert Einstein used to create a blueprint for his research using visualization in his mind. It was more accurate than his laboratory experiment. Einstein was awarded the Nobel Prize for his experiment, but he could not claim the amount that came with it. This amount had to be paid during the settlement with his wife during his divorce. Even though Einstein is regarded as the world’s greatest scientist, he was weak and slow in learning and reading as a child.

He had failed the first entrance exam for admission to the university. A pathologist stole Einstein’s brain during his autopsy. After that, he remained locked in a jar for 20 years. Einstein was infamous for his poor memory. It is true that they often forgot dates, names, and phone numbers.

German scientist Einstein was offered the presidency of Israel but politely declined it. It is not possible that there should be no dispute with such a great scientist. He became the father of an illegitimate child in 1902. Born in 1879, Einstein was legally married twice, in 1909 and 1919. Celebrities such as Einstein, Darwin Allan Poe, and Saddam Hussein married their first cousins (Albert Einstein Birth Anniversary).

Here are some famous quotes from Albert Einstein:

  1. “There are only two ways to live life. Nothing is a miracle as though one. Everything is a miracle as though the other.”
  2. “If you can’t explain it to a six-year-old, you can’t understand it yourself.”
  3. “I am enough as an artist to draw freely on my imagination. Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination surrounds the world.
  4. “Life is like riding a bicycle. You must keep going to keep your balance.”
  5. “He who never made a mistake never tried anything new.”

On Albert Einstein’s birth anniversary, here are some interesting facts about his life:

  1. Albert Einstein was born in Germany but did not live in the country for long. He lived in Italy, Switzerland, and Czechia. After moving to the United States, Albert Einstein never returned to Germany.
  2. Albert Einstein fell in love with physics when his father gifted him a compass as a child.
  3. Albert Einstein wrote his first paper at the age of 16 and his paper was inspired by his compass.
  4. Albert Einstein struggled with language and other subjects, so he left school at the age of 15. However, he did remarkably well in mathematics, physics, and philosophy.
  5. Albert Einstein first taught mathematics and physics to students. After failing to find work, Albert Einstein completed his Ph.D.
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