Ban Sahayak Interview Suggestion 2023 | Ban Sahayak Interview tips and tricks

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Ban Sahayak Interview Suggestion 2023: I will give suggestions and answers to some common questions that come up in the interview for the post of Ban Sahayak Interview. I hope that if there is any question from this, you will be able to answer it very easily. Let’s start. if this Suggestion helps you so please comment us in the comments section.

Here are some questions to help you creak Interview

  • Tell me about yourself.
  • What is your hobby?
  • Why will I give you this job?
  • What will you do if you get a better job?
  • Why do you want to do this job?
  • What is the job of a forest assistant post?
  • What is the meaning of the word forest support?
  • What to do if there is a forest fire?

The answer

Tell me about yourself : 

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Hello sir, mam.
Good Morning/ Afternoon,
First of all, thank you Sir/Mam, for giving me this opportunity to introduce myself.
I am Apurva, I am from Patna, Bihar. I am currently pursuing B-Tech (IT Branch) at BUIT, Bhopal. I am enrolled as a Frontend developer with JS react at Training Basket, Noida.

My hobbies are classical dance, listening to music, and playing kabaddi.
My strengths are self-motivated, as well a helpful person.

My short-term goal is I got a job in a reputed company and my long-term goal is to achieve a good position and help the organization too.

I live in a nuclear family we are 6 of us My father’s name is Mr. Sanjay Kumar Singh, and He is an Advocate. My Mother’s name is Mrs. Poonam Singh, She is a Housewife. My Elder sister’s name is Katyayani Kumari, She is Pursing MBA from Noida NIET. My ElderBrother name is Askand Kumar Singh, he is doing his job. My Grandmother’s name is Utim Raj Devi, She is a Housewife.

That’s all about me Sir/Mam,
Thank you.

What is your hobby?

A: My hobby is making a garden, planting trees. In my spare time, I make a garden on the roof of the house. (You can answer as your own)

Why give you this job?

A: I feel that since my hobby of gardening is related to my work as a forest assistant, I can do this job better than others. (You can answer as your own)

What will you do if you get a better job?

A: Look, everyone, wants to do better than the position they are in, so if I get a better job, I will go there and use what I learn and experience elsewhere.

Why do you want to do this job?

A: First of all, having been used to gardening since childhood, this forest assistant post is very interesting to me. Besides, I have a chance to build a good career here.

What is the job of a forest assistant post?

A: As far as I know from reading books and various websites, the job of this post is to take care of the garden, tend trees, catch poachers, drive away elephants when they enter the locality, and help forest officers and forest rangers in various tasks.

What is the meaning of the word forest aid?

A: The meaning of this word is the person who helps in various forest works, Forest Assistant in English.

What to do if there is a forest fire?

A: If it is possible to put out the fire, then I will try to put out the fire with the green branches of the tree. If the fire is not at that stage and cannot be completely extinguished, inform the nearest officer and take appropriate action. Along with this, I will keep an eye on the environment so that there is no fire in the forest in the future.


Ban Sahayak Interview Suggestion- Out of these few questions, some questions can be asked by everyone. You can take the ideas from here and make your own better answer. Check out the details from the video below,

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If you’re preparing for a Ban Sahayak interview in 2023, here are ten tips to help you succeed:

  • Study the job description
  • Review your resume and application
  • Understand Ban sahayak’s role
  • Develop concise responses
  • Prepare for situational questions
  • Highlight your communication skills
  • Show adaptability and flexibility
  • Demonstrate your skills
  • Dress professionally and practice non-verbal communication: Make a positive first impression by dressing professionally and appropriately for the interview. Practice good posture, maintain eye contact, and display confident body language throughout the conversation.
  • Remember to also prepare a list of questions to ask the interviewer, as it demonstrates your interest and engagement in the role. Good luck with your Ban Sahayak interview!
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