Best Study after Madhyamik ? | Arts, Science or ITI/Diploma

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Best Study after Madhyamik: Which subject is better to study after the secondary examination, what should I study after the secondary examination, what subject can I study after the secondary examination to get a good job – a bunch of questions is running in the minds of students and their parents. So today we are discussing this topic.

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Best Study after Madhyamik? | Arts, Science or ITI/Diploma

First of all, let me tell you that the subject a student will study after secondary school will depend on his/her own choice and liking. Because we have seen many cases where some people did not get a good future or results after taking science forcefully.

Let’s find out what subjects are available after secondary school.

2023 Madhyamik Exams ended in March. By the end of May, the results of Madhyamik are usually released. But then comes the most difficult time, when the subject has to be selected and admitted to the 11th class.

After secondary school, many students do not understand exactly what subject they should study or what the future holds for any subject. Read this report in full to get the right answers to these questions.

Subject selection after secondary (Madhyamik) – 1

Most of the students choose the option of taking admission to class 11 after passing Madhyamik. In this case, there are three types of streams, which are – Science, Arts, and Commerce. Students can study the department of their choice from among these three departments.

Those who love logical thinking can take science. A major advantage of studying science is that one can get admission to college with any subject after the higher secondary examination.

Commerce is a good option if you like the hustle and bustle of accounting.
And for those who prefer to savor literature, there is no alternative to the arts.

But nowadays it is possible to make a good career in all subjects. So it is better to choose your favorite subject in this case.

  • In Science – any four subjects can be taken from Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Nutrition, Statistics, Computer Science, Bio-Technology, etc.
  • In Commerce – any four subjects can be taken as per one’s choice from Accountancy, Business Studies, etc.
  • In the field of Arts – History, Geography, Political Science, Philosophy or Philosophy, Sanskrit, Arabic, etc., there are many subjects from which one has to choose any four subjects of one’s choice.

No matter which section is taken, it is not possible to get good marks without studying the subjects with hard work and good time. So instead of going into the traditional debate of whether science is better or arts better, students should love the subject of their choice and move forward.

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Subject selection after secondary school- 2

Now after the Madhyamik examination, one can take various courses by taking admission to ITI colleges without taking admission to higher secondary. At the end of the courses, there are job opportunities in various fields.

There are now many ITI colleges in the state. There are both public and private colleges here. Various diploma courses are taught in ITIs, some of the popular courses are –

  • Computer Operator and Programming Assistant
  • Civil Draftsman and Mechanical Draftsman
  • Carpentry
  • Corporate Housekeeping
  • Plastic processing operators
  • Motor cycle mechanics
  • Computer Hardware Operators
  • Bakeries and Confectioneries
  • Welders
  • Plumbers
  • Foundryman etc.

It is possible to start earning by getting a job as a technician at a very young age by taking any course of your choice.

Subject selection after secondary school- 3 (Best Study after Madhyamik)

Choosing a Diploma in Engineering or Polytechnic in West Bengal offers several positive advantages. These programs provide practical-oriented education, focusing on hands-on training and real-world skills.

With a shorter duration compared to a traditional degree, students can enter the workforce sooner, capitalizing on the numerous employment opportunities available in West Bengal’s industries. The programs are designed to meet industry needs, ensuring graduates possess in-demand skills.

Moreover, the cost-effective nature of these programs makes them accessible to a broader range of students. Completing a diploma can serve as a stepping stone for further education through lateral entry options, allowing for career advancement. Internships and industrial training provide practical exposure and enhance employability.

Additionally, government initiatives and scholarships support students in pursuing technical education. With an emphasis on skill development, these programs equip students with the expertise necessary for their chosen field. Ultimately, choosing a Diploma in Engineering or Polytechnic in West Bengal presents a practical and industry-relevant pathway to a successful career.

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