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ChatGPT for Mobile: OpenAI’s ChatGPT has brought a big storm in the world of technology. Technology has already come a long way in the world of robotics and artificial intelligence. Experts believe that AI can soon become an alternative to many human tasks.

OpenAI launched its AI chatbot service ChatGPT in November 2022.

Which reached the peak of huge popularity before its launch. The limit of 10 lakh users is crossed in just five days. This chatbot service reached 1 crore users within 2 months of launch. This chatbot service has already been integrated with Microsoft’s search engines Bing and Edge. ChatGPT is going to integrate with platforms like Microsoft Word, and PowerPoint very soon.

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Google has already entered the market to ace the pair of Microsoft-ChatGPT. Sundar Pichai, CEO of Google and Alphabet has already announced their own language model AI chatbot Bird. Google’s own chatbot will be launched very soon.

The popularity that chatbot has reached in just a few days is practically a record. Why not?

ChatGPT for Mobile: What can’t ChatGPT. Be it complex coding problems or maths, research thesis, or school-college assignments, this AI can take down everything in a jiffy. Naturally, many experts see a vermilion cloud within this boon of technology.

Kumbhilak scholarships may increase, and even students will find new ways to cheat in studies by using the artificial intelligence of ChatGPT, the fear is not unreasonable. And to prevent that, OpenAI has already stepped up to bring new AI tools.

All technology has pros and cons. But it is the work of technology to advance civilization by exploiting the good side of discovery. Many people are already using ChatGPT on laptops or computers. But how to use this AI chatbot service from Android or iOS? Let’s find out his seven seventeen.

Customers will soon have to scramble to use ChatGPT. But for now, this service is being used for free. You can access this service for free not only from a computer or laptop but also from Android. Find out what to do about it.

To use ChatGPT from android mobile you will need a web browser at first. It can be Google Chrome, Firefox, or any other browser.

  • Enter the web browser and go to the search option and type OpenAI and search.
  • Now enter the OpenAI site and click on the banner that says Try ChatGPT from there. Which you will find at the very top of the display.
  • Now create a new account or signup with the phone number or mail id. Login to the site with ID-Password if already signed up.
  • And only after this work is completed, the user can use ChatGPT directly from the smartphone.
  • – If you click on this URL, you will directly enter the chatbot option of ChatGPT.

You can also create a new account on ChatGPT from a Microsoft account. This service is currently free under the Research Preview program. So now you can access ChatGPT service from any device through a web browser.

Android is, now how to access this chatbot service from iPhone, take a quick look. This service can be used absolutely free on iPhone as well as on Android. And in that case, too this chatbot service can be accessed through a web browser in the same way as Android.

There are already many ChatGPT impersonating apps floating around in Google Play Store or iOS Store. It is difficult to fall into their trap. So it’s good to say, neither Android nor iOS, in any case, there is a dedicated app for ChatGPT created by OpenAI. In this case, the user can only use the ChatGPT service through the web browser.

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