Daad Scholarship | Living abroad, eating, studying…all free!

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Daad Scholarship: Do you also want to study abroad through a scholarship? Many such students want to study, but due to financial problems, are not able to complete their studies. Apart from this, there are many students who are eligible to go abroad but cannot bear the expenses there. Such talented students are being encouraged by a German company to get an education in Germany.

Daad Scholarship | Living abroad, eating, studying…all free!

Germany has successfully achieved its position in recent times to become one of the most popular study-abroad destinations among international students. While the cost of studying in Germany is quite manageable for most students, the cost of living in Germany can be a bit high which is why many students opt for scholarships. If you are looking for Scholarships in Germany, you must have definitely heard about DAAD Scholarships- the world’s largest funding organization for international students.

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Let us tell you that under the DAAD scholarship,

the scholarship is provided to all such students who want to go to Germany and complete their higher education in the college there. You can do graduation, post-graduation, Ph.D., and other skill-based courses through DAAD Scholarship Study for Free in Germany available from here. So let us tell you the complete information about DAAD Scholarship in Hindi. So that you too can easily apply for FREE Study in Germany DAAD Scholarship 2023 Online.

DAAD Scholarships 2023-2024

the DAAD (The German Academic Exchange Service) is Germany’s largest funding organization for international students. DAAD has funded over 2 million scholars. It offers scholarships for both international students and German students. Also, there are many DAAD German universities for international students to choose from

It is a German-based company. Which provides various types of scholarships to students to study in Germany. Not only India but students living anywhere in the world can apply for this scholarship. If you get selected for this scholarship then you will be given DAAD Scholarship India. With this, you can complete your course abroad without spending money and improve your qualification.

Actually, there are more than 20 such scholarships and courses to which Indians can apply at present. We are providing their detailed list below. In addition to academic courses in these scholarships, skill-based courses such as videography, filmography, fine art, designing, music, performing art, engineering, research fellowship, public policy, and good governance, many more courses can be done from here. Are.

Benefits of DAAD Scholarships

Scholarship stipend: The scholarship payment depends on the scholarship holders and the scholarship program. Once you meet the DAAD scholarship eligibility, you can access the benefits of the former. The stipend for various programs is mentioned below:

  • Masters Program – EUR 861
  • Doctoral Program – EUR 1200
  • University assistant teachers – EUR 2000
  • Professors – EUR 2150

  • Travel expenses: DAAD scholarships cover all outward and return travel expenses.
  • Benefits to Family Members: The DAAD Scholarship provides an allowance for accompanying spouses. It also provides insurance benefits for spouse and children under certain conditions. For scholarship holders, family benefits will be provided only if the program is for more than 6 months. If it is less than six months, family benefits will not be provided.
  • Health Insurance: Most DAAD scholarships provide health insurance for their scholarship holders.
  • Benefits for People with Disabilities: DAAD Scholarships provide additional benefits for people with disabilities or chronic illnesses.

Eligibility and Requirements for DAAD Scholarships

Since there are more than 100 scholarships awarded to students from different backgrounds working in different fields, the eligibility criteria for DAAD Scholarships can vary greatly. However, here are some basic eligibility criteria and requirements for the DAAD scholarship that all students must meet.

DAAD Scholarship Eligibility

DAAD scholarships are awarded to students who wish to complete a full-time course of study with compulsory attendance in Germany. Below are the basic DAAD scholarship eligibility criteria for all international students. These are applicable to getting DAAD Scholarship for bachelor’s degrees and master’s degrees.

  • 2 years of relevant and verifiable work experience, research work and teaching/graduate assistantship.
    Meet language-related DAAD requirements.
  • Educational degree qualification should not be more than 6 years old i.e. applicant must have completed his bachelor degree not more than last 6 years.
  • If you want to come to Germany for a period of up to 6 months, you must have lived in your country of residence for at least one year at the time of application.
  • If you want to come to Germany for more than 6 months, you must have obtained your final degree in your country of residence.
  • While these are the standard DAAD scholarship requirements, make sure you visit the official website to find out more information.

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Required Documents for DAAD Scholarships

Take a look at some of the common documents required for DAAD scholarship application, which are mandatory for all international students. Make sure to meet the DAAD scholarship eligibility requirements below. These requirements are valid for both DAAD Germany Master’s and Bachelor.

  • online application form
  • cv or resume
  • Certificate of Enrollment filled in by the home institution as proof of current enrolment.
  • NOC (No Objection Certificate) filled and stamped by the home institution.
  • Application form by the German host filled in by the German supervisor
  • Letter of invitation from the German observer.
  • Reference from a university teacher at your home institution.
  • Letters of motivation (if applying for a study scholarship)
  • Detailed proposal (if applying for a research grant)
  • University degree certificate indicating the final grade.

Step-by-Step Application and Selection Process for DAAD Scholarship:

  • Visit the DAAD Scholarship Database.
  • Fill in the necessary details and look for a suitable DAAD scholarship program for yourself.
  • Register yourself and fill in all the personal details.
  • Upload all the required documents as mentioned above and look for additional documents to be uploaded, if any.
  • Send a copy of your application form summary to the DAAD office via post.

Courses of study: The scholarship covers the following areas:

  • Business Administration
  • Cooperation for Development.
  • Complementary Sciences and Engineering.
  • Economics.
  • Forestry and agricultural sciences
  • Natural and environmental sciences.
  • Health and medicine.
  • Media study
  • Law, education and social sciences
  • Urban and regional planning.
  • Political economics.

Here we have provided you information related to DAAD Scholarship Apply Online. Here a special eligibility has been prescribed for each scholarship. We hope that this article on “DAAD Scholarship |Get Paid to study in Germany (Fully Funded)” will be useful for you.

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