Google Online Courses | Google started 4 free courses for youth,

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Google Online Courses: In today’s time, the youth are running to get a government job. But the government also gives government jobs only on limited seats, in such a situation it becomes very difficult and full of competition to get a government job.

Google Online Courses | Google started 4 free courses for youth,

But let us tell you that in today’s time, even a private job is not less than any government job. The private sector in India is continuously growing rapidly and youth are also getting good employment in it. Therefore, after doing the Google Free Course that we are going to tell here today, you can get a private job very easily in a good company.

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Google Free Online Courses 2023

Let us tell you that Google, the world’s largest company, starts many online courses from time to time, which you can do for free from your laptop sitting at home. After doing these Free Online Course 2023 of Google, a Google Certificate is also given by Google, which is valid worldwide. With the certificate obtained from Google, you can get a job in big companies in the country and abroad.

Google started 4 free online courses for youth

Here we are giving you information about 4 Free Online Courses run by Google. These 4 free online courses include Digital Marketing Course, Artificial Intelligence Course, Machine Learning Course, and Business Course-

Google Digital Marketing Course

Digital Marketing Course is becoming very popular among the youth and the demand for this course is increasing a lot in the private sector. You may have to pay a fee of lakhs of rupees for doing this course from a private institute. But Google is offering this course for free.

You can do Google Free Digital Marketing Course with the help of your computer or laptop sitting at home. Please tell us that once the course is completed, you have to pass an exam, after which you are given a certificate from Google, which is valid all over the world.

Artificial Intelligence Course

The coming time is Artificial Intelligence (AI) and at present Artificial Intelligence (AI) is growing very fast. Today most of the work is being completed with the help of Artificial Intelligence AI Technology. A prime example of which is ChatGPT.

Let us tell you that Google itself is working on Artificial Intelligence (AI) Technology, recently Google has also come out with its own AI tool called Google Bard. If you are also interested in Artificial Intelligence (AI), then you can do the Artificial Intelligence Course started by Google online for free.

Machine Learning Course

Google Machine Learning Free Course – If you do this course, then you can get a job as a freelancer or full-time employee in various companies in India and abroad. Let us tell you that in Machine Learning Course, you can earn lakhs of rupees by doing Freelancer sitting at home. But let me tell you one thing that your interest will be most important for doing these courses. If you are not interested then you will never be able to learn any course.

Google Business Course

At present, all businesses are becoming online. All companies are selling their products through D2C (Direct-To-Consumer). Due to this, there is a lot of boom in online business. In such a situation, in Google Free Business Course, you are taught everything about Business Strategy, Local Marketing, Email Marketing, E-Commerce, and D2C (Direct-To-Consumer).

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