Kolkata Metro Makes a Splash | Green Line Ridership Sets New Record

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Kolkata Metro Makes a Splash: The Kolkata Metro’s Green Line, also known as Line 2 or the East-West Metro corridor, is making waves (quite literally) after achieving a record ridership in a single month. This surge in passenger numbers comes on the heels of the highly anticipated opening of the line’s underwater tunnel, which traverses beneath the mighty Ganges River.

The Green Line boasts the distinction of being India’s first underwater metro route. Inaugurated by Prime Minister Modi in March 2024, the tunnel, constructed a remarkable 13 meters below the riverbed, has become an engineering marvel. This technological feat, along with the overall convenience and efficiency offered by the metro, has evidently struck a chord with commuters.

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Howrah and Sealdah stations:

While specific ridership figures haven’t been released yet, reports suggest a significant increase compared to previous months. This can be attributed to several factors. The underwater tunnel undeniably serves as a major attraction, offering a unique travel experience. More importantly, the Green Line connects crucial areas of Kolkata, including Howrah and Sealdah stations, the city’s two largest business districts, and the IT hub of Salt Lake Sector V. This enhanced connectivity is significantly reducing travel times and offering a much-needed alternative to congested road traffic.

Mobility in Kolkata (Kolkata Metro)

Experts believe this is just the beginning for the Green Line. With the project’s full completion targeted for 2035, ridership is expected to climb even higher. The line’s eventual integration with other metro lines in the city will create a seamless and efficient public transport network, revolutionizing urban mobility in Kolkata.

The Kolkata Metro’s Green Line isn’t just a transportation marvel; it’s a testament to India’s growing infrastructure capabilities. As ridership continues to rise, the Green Line is poised to play a pivotal role in shaping the future of Kolkata.

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