RRB NTPC Syllabus 2024, CBT 1 and CBT 2 Syllabus, Exam Pattern

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RRB NTPC Syllabus 2024:The Railway Recruitment Board (RRB) will soon release the notification for the RRB NTPC 2024 exam. The syllabus and exam pattern are available on the official website. The exam covers various posts including Accounts Clerk cum Typist, Commercial cum Ticket Clerk, Junior Clerk cum Typist, and Goods Guard. Candidates should check the official website for details and start preparing accordingly.

RRB NTPC Syllabus and Exam Pattern 2024 Details

NTPC Full FormNon-Technical Popular Categories
Name of the OrganizationRailway Recruitment Board (RRB)
Exam LevelNational
Mode of RRB NTPC Application FormOnline
SubjectsMathematics General Awareness General Intelligence and Reasoning
Exam ModeOffline (Computer Based Test)
Exam Duration90 minutes
Negative Marking-1/3 for each wrong answer
Exam CategoryUnder-Graduate Level posts Graduate Level posts
Stages of Exam/Selection ProcessCBT-1- CBT-2 Typing Skill Test/CBAT Document Verification /Medical Exam
Medium/Language of Exam15 Languages
Official Websitehttps://indianrailways.gov.in/

RRB NTPC Syllabus 2024 CBT 1

The RRB NTPC syllabus 2024 for CBT 1 includes subjects Mathematics, General Awareness, General Intelligence, and Reasoning. The syllabus is separated into three subjects. For CBT 1 there are a total of 100 questions, with the General Awareness section carrying the highest weightage.

Candidates need to clearly understand the detailed RRB NTPC syllabus 2024 so that they cover all the topics during their exam preparation.

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RRB NTPC Syllabus for Mathematics

RRB NTPC Syllabus for Maths covers different topics from the field of mathematics. That checks the candidate’s calculative skills. According to the RRB NTPC Exam Pattern total of 30, Questions were asked from the mathematics section. Here below provides the topics that are usually included in the RRB NTPC  Syllabus for Math:

RRB NTPC Syllabus for Mathematics 2024
Number system
Ratios and Proportions
Time and Work
Time and Distance
Simple and Compound Interest
Profit and Loss
Elementary Algebra
Geometry and Trigonometry
Elementary Statistics

RRB NTPC Syllabus of General Intelligence and Reasoning

RRB NTPC Syllabus 2024 for the General Intelligence and Reasoning section comprises a range of subjects that pertain to logical reasoning and problem-solving. This section evaluates the candidate’s capacity for logical thinking and analytical skills. From this section a total of 30 questions ask for CBT 1.

Below are topics that are asked in the RRB NTPC General Intelligence and Reasoning syllabus.

RRB NTPC Syllabus for General Intelligence and Reasoning 2024
Completion of number and alphabetical series
Coding and Decoding
Mathematical Operations
Similarities and Differences
Analytical Reasoning
Venn Diagrams
Data Sufficiency
Statement-Courses of Action
Decision Making
Maps, Interpretation of Graphs
Alphanumeric Series

RRB NTPC Syllabus for General Awareness

RRB NTPC Syllabus for General Awareness covers various logical reasoning and problem-solving topics. Below are some topics that are generally included in the RRB NTPC General Intelligence and Reasoning syllabus:

RRB NTPC Syllabus for General Awareness 2024
Current Events of National Importance
Current Events of International Importance
Games and Sports
Art and Culture of India
Indian Literature
Monuments and Places of India
General Science and Life Science (up to 10th CBSE)
History of India and Freedom Struggle
Physical, Social and Economic Geography of India and the World
Indian Polity and Governance- constitution and political system
General Scientific and Technological Developments, including the Space and Nuclear Program of India
UN and Other important World Organizations
Environmental Issues Concerning India and World at Large
Basics of Computers and Computer Applications
Common Abbreviations
Transport Systems in India
Indian Economy
Famous Personalities of India and the World
Flagship Government Programs
Flora and Fauna of India
Important Government and Public Sector Organizations of India etc.

RRB NTPC Syllabus 2024 CBT 2

The RRB NTPC Syllabus for Stage 2 includes three major subjects: General Awareness, Mathematics, and General Intelligence and Reasoning. The RRB NTPC Syllabus 2024 for each subject covers a wide range of topics aimed at assessing the candidates’ knowledge and aptitude in various areas.

RRB NTPC Syllabus 2024 CBT 2
RRB NTPC Subjects (120 Marks)RRB NTPC Exam Syllabus
Subject: General Awareness (50 Marks)
  • Current Events of National and International Importance, Monuments and Places of India,
  • Games and Sports, Art and Culture of India, Indian Literature, Indian Polity and Governance
  • Constitution and political system, General Science and Life Science (up to 10th CBSE),
  • History of India and Freedom Struggle, UN and Other important World Organizations,
  • Physical Social and Economic Geography of India and the World, General Scientific and
  • Technological Developments including the Space and Nuclear Program of India,
  • Environmental Issues Concerning India and the World at Large, Basics of Computers and
  • Computer Applications, Abbreviations, Transport Systems in India, Indian Economy,
  • Flagship Government Programs, Flora and Fauna of India, Famous Personalities of
  • India and the World, Important Government and Public Sector Organizations of India, etc.
Subject: Mathematics (35 Marks)
  • Number System, Decimals, Fractions, LCM and HCF, Ratio and Proportions, Percentage,
  • Mensuration, Time and Work, Time and Distance, Simple Interest and Compound Interest,
  • Profit and Loss, Elementary Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry, Elementary Statistics, etc.
Subject: General Intelligence and Reasoning (35 Marks)
  • Completion of Number and Alphabetical Series, Mathematical Operations, Similarities
  • and Differences, Relationships, Analogies, Analytical Reasoning, Syllogism, Data
  • Sufficiency, Statement-Conclusion, Statement-Courses of Action, Decision Making,
  • Maps, Coding and Decoding, Jumbling, Venn Diagrams, Puzzle, Interpretation of Graphs, etc.

RRB NTPC Syllabus CBT 2 Subject Wise

The RRB NTPC Syllabus covers a comprehensive range of topics in Indian Polity, Geography, Economics, and Science. These subjects are vital for candidates preparing for the exam. The syllabus provides an in-depth understanding of various aspects of Indian polity, geographical concepts, economic principles, and scientific fundamentals. Candidates are advised to study these topics thoroughly to perform well in the RRB NTPC Exam.

RRB NTPC Syllabus for History

The RRB NTPC Syllabus for History comprises a wide range of historical periods in India. The history topics are divided into three main sections: Ancient History, Medieval History, and Modern History of India. Each section covers various chapters and aspects of India’s rich historical past.

RRB NTPC Syllabus 2024 for History
RRB NTPC History TopicsChapters of History
Ancient History of IndiaPre-historic Period, Harappan civilization, The Vedic Civilization & Culture, The emergence of 

Mahajanapadas & Magadh, Religious Revolution, The Mauryan Empire, The Sangam Age,

The Gupta Empire, Post Gupta Period / Vardhana Dynasty, India After Harsha

Medieval History of IndiaRajput Age, Sultanate Period, The Vijayanagar Empire, Sufi and Bhakti Movement, The Mughal 

Empire, Maratha State & Maratha Confederacy, Advent Of Europeans

Modern History of IndiaExpansion Of British Power, Economic Impact Of British Rule, Socio-Religious Movements in 

the 19th -20th Century, Revolt of 1857, Moderate, Extremist Phase Of Congress, The Indian

National Movements, The Gandhian Era, First Phase Of Independence

RRB NTPC Syllabus for Indian Polity

RRB NTPC Syllabus for Indian Polity is as follows:

RRB NTPC Syllabus for Indian Polity
Evolution of the Indian Constitution
Constituent Assembly and Making of the Constitution
Different Sources of the Indian Constitution
Important Articles of the Constitution
Important Amendments of the Constitution
Some Special features of the Indian Constitution
Federal and Unitary features of the Indian Union
The preamble
Lapse of Paramountcy
Integration and Merger of Indian States
The Union and its Territories
Reorganization of States
Fundamental Rights
Directive Principles of State Policy
Fundamental Duties
The procedure of Amending the Constitution
Executive of the Union
The Parliament of India
Executive of the States
Special Position of J & K
The Supreme Court
The High Court
Inter-State Council
Finance Commission
Planning Commission
National Development Council
National Integration Council
Inter-State Relations
Emergency Provisions
Public Service Commissions
Delimitation Commission of India
The Official Languages
National Symbols

RRB NTPC Syllabus for Geography

RRB NTPC Syllabus for Geography is as follows

RRB NTPC Syllabus Geography
The Solar System
Continents and Oceans
Biosphere, Lithosphere, Hydrosphere
Latitudes and Longitudes
Different heat zones of the earth
Longitudes and time zones
International Date Line
The motion of the earth – Effect of the tilted axis on day and night
The Atmosphere (composition and layer of the Atmosphere)
Weather and Climate
Atmospheric Pressure
Internal Structure of the earth
Earthquakes and Volcanoes
Various Landforms (Mountains, Plateaus, Plains, Grasslands, Landforms created by the river system,Landforms created by a glacier, Landforms created by the action of wind, Landforms created by the actions of Groundwater)
The Indian Subcontinent, Position, extent, and physical features
Climatic diversity in the Indian Sub-continent
Soil resources of the Indian sub-continent
Agriculture in India, Land use pattern of India
Water resources and their utilization in India
Multipurpose river valley projects
Transport in India
India-Facts and figures (States and their capitals, Population of India and states, Wildlife sanctuaries and national parks in India, Important Irrigation and power projects, Indian satellites)
General introduction to Asia
Geography of the Indian subcontinent Countries with their capitals and currency
Riverside cities
Wonders of the world
Countries and their main products and industries
Towns are associated with important industries
Famous Sites (India), Famous Sites (World)
Changed names
Continent earth area
Continents highest and lowest points
Three deepest oceans
Highest mountain peaks (world)
Important boundary lines
Tribes and their homelands

RRB NTPC Syllabus for Economics

RRB NTPC Syllabus for Economics is as follows:

RRB NTPC Syllabus for Economics
Highlights of the Indian Economy
Economy and Economics
Characteristics of the Indian Economy
Agriculture & Land Development
National Income
Trade & Commerce
New Economic Policy
Indian Financial System
Indian Fiscal System
Banking in India
Tax System
Foreign Trade

RRB NTPC Syllabus for Science

RRB NTPC Syllabus for Science is as follows:

RRB NTPC Syllabus for Science
Physics topics for RRB NTPC Exam Syllabus
Work Energy and Power
Surface Tension
Simple Harmonic Motion
Sound Wave
Static Electricity
Current Electricity
Atomic & Nuclear Physics
Scientific Instruments
Important Discoveries Relating to Physics
Various Units of Measurement-Weight
Conversion of Units from one System to another System
Chemistry topics in RRB Exam
Substance & its nature
Atomic Structure
Periodic Classification of Elements
Chemical Bonding
Oxidation & Reduction
Acids, Bases & Salts
Behavior of Cases
Carbon & its Compounds
Important Facts About Some Metals
Common Facts
Biology Topics in RRB NTPC Exam Syllabus 2024
Classification of Organism
  • Organic Evolution Botany: Classification of Plant Kingdom,
  • Plant Morphology, Plant Tissue, Photo-synthesis,
  • Plant Hormones, Plant Diseases, Ecology Pollution
Zoology: Classification of Animal Kingdom, Animal Tissue
Human Blood
The system of the Human Body
Human Diseases

RRB NTPC Syllabus 2024 for CBAT

The RRB NTPC CBAT (Computer-Based Aptitude Test) is for Station Master and Traffic Assistant positions. To qualify, candidates need a minimum T-Score of 42 marks in each test battery. CBAT has no negative marking. It includes tests like Intelligence, Selective attention, Spatial Scanning, Information Ordering, and Personality tests.

Read More: RRB JE Recruitment 2024: Notification, Application Form, Eligibility

These evaluate cognitive abilities, concentration, spatial awareness, organizational skills, and personality traits. Test questions are available in both English and Hindi.

RRB NTPC Syllabus PDF (Inactive)

RRB NTPC Syllabus Preparation Books

Below mentioned are some books that will help to prepare well for the RRB NTPC Exam.

RRB NTPC Exam Preparation Books
SubjectsRRB NTPC Books
General Awareness
  • Lucent’s General Knowledge
  • Arihant General Knowledge
  • Manorama Yearbook
  • Quantitative Aptitude by RS Agarwal
  • Quicker Mathematics by M Tyra
General Intelligence & Reasoning
  • Verbal and Non-Verbal Reasoning by RS Aggarwal
  • A New Approach to Reasoning Verbal and Non-Verbal (English) 1st Edition by BS Sijwali and Indu Sijwal
  • Logical and Analytical Reasoning (English) 1st Edition by AK Gupta
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