UGC to launch two new portals 2023 | Utsaho and Professor of Practice Portal

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UGC to launch two new Portals 2023: In a move aimed at fostering innovation, research, and professional development in higher education, UGC Chairman Jagadish Kumar recently announced the launch of two new portals, namely ‘Utsaho’ and ‘Professor of Practice Portal.’

These initiatives by the University Grants Commission (UGC) are set to revolutionize the academic landscape by providing unique opportunities for students, faculty, and industry professionals to collaborate and enhance their skills. This article explores the significance and potential impact of these new portals.

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Utsaho: Fostering Entrepreneurship and Startups

The first of the two portals, ‘Utsaho,’ aims to foster entrepreneurship and support startup ventures among students and faculty members.

Recognizing the importance of entrepreneurship in driving economic growth and innovation, Utsaho will serve as a platform for nurturing entrepreneurial ideas, providing mentorship, and connecting aspiring entrepreneurs with industry experts and investors.

By facilitating interactions between academia and industry, Utsaho will create an environment conducive to knowledge exchange and collaboration. It will empower students and faculty to transform their innovative ideas into viable business ventures, contributing to the growth of the startup ecosystem in India.

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Professor of Practice Portal: Bridging the Gap between Academia and Industry

The second portal, the ‘Professor of Practice Portal,’ is designed to bridge the gap between academia and industry by bringing seasoned industry professionals into the academic realm.

The portal aims to create a network of professionals from various sectors who can contribute their practical expertise and experiences to enrich the teaching and learning process.

Through this initiative, students will have the opportunity to learn from accomplished professionals who can provide real-world insights and perspectives. By incorporating industry expertise into academic programs, the Professor of Practice Portal will enhance the employability of students and ensure that they possess the skills and knowledge required to excel in their chosen fields.

Benefits and Implications (UGC to launch two new portals):

The introduction of these two portals by the UGC is a significant step toward transforming the higher education landscape in India. The portals offer several benefits and implications for all stakeholders involved:

Enhanced Entrepreneurship: Utsaho will encourage students and faculty to explore their entrepreneurial potential, fostering a culture of innovation and startups. It will provide the necessary resources and mentorship to support budding entrepreneurs in their journey toward success.

Industry-Academia Collaboration: The Professor of Practice Portal will facilitate collaboration between academia and industry, ensuring that academic programs are aligned with industry requirements. This will enhance the employability of students and equip them with the skills demanded by the job market.

Knowledge Exchange: Both portals will facilitate knowledge exchange between academia and industry professionals, promoting a symbiotic relationship that benefits both sectors. Academics will gain insights into current industry practices, while industry professionals will have the opportunity to contribute to the development of future professionals.

Holistic Development: The portals will contribute to the holistic development of students by providing exposure to real-world challenges and opportunities. This practical exposure will complement theoretical knowledge and equip students with a well-rounded skill set.

Official Website of UGC: Link

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