Vande Bharat Sleeper Upgrade to introduce sleeper coaches later this year

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Vande Bharat Sleeper Upgrade: The Vande Bharat Express, India’s popular medium-distance superfast train, is about to get even more passenger-friendly. The Indian Railways is set to introduce sleeper coaches to the existing fleet of chair car trains, promising a comfortable and faster travel experience for long distances.

Sleeper Coaches for Enhanced Comfort

The current Vande Bharat trains cater primarily to daytime travel with their seating arrangements. The introduction of sleeper coaches addresses this gap, providing a more comfortable option for overnight journeys. These coaches are designed to address ergonomic challenges often faced in traditional sleeper class trains.

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Vande Bharat Sleeper Upgrade
Vande Bharat Sleeper Upgrade

Expected Launch and Initial Routes

The first batch of Vande Bharat sleeper trains is expected to be rolled out in the third quarter of 2024, which is between July and September. Initial reports suggest these trains might be deployed on high-demand routes like Delhi-Mumbai and Delhi-Howrah.

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Features and Amenities

While details are still emerging, the new Vande Bharat sleeper coaches are expected to boast several features, including:

  • Wider berths for a more relaxed sleeping experience
  • Brighter and more spacious interiors
  • Improved and modern toilet facilities
  • A mini pantry for added convenience
  • Advanced safety features

Speed and Efficiency

The Vande Bharat sleeper trains will retain the speed capabilities of the existing Vande Bharat fleet. This means passengers can expect faster travel times compared to conventional Rajdhani Express trains. Additionally, the new trains are likely to be more energy-efficient, contributing to a greener railway system.

A Sign of Modernization

The introduction of sleeper coaches to the Vande Bharat fleet marks a significant step towards modernizing railway travel in India. These trains offer a combination of speed, comfort, and modern amenities, making them an attractive option for long-distance travel.

Looking Ahead

The launch of the Vande Bharat sleeper coaches is a positive development for Indian Railways. With these new trains, passengers can look forward to a more enjoyable and convenient travel experience on long journeys. As more details about the features, routes, and amenities are revealed, passengers can make informed decisions about their travel plans.

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