What is the English of Jilapi, almost no one can say,

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English of Jilapi: In a country like India, the languages of different parts of the world have a place in the historical tradition One ruling party has come to India one by one, and their literature and culture have also come with it So the language has merged

The language of different regions of the country is therefore slightly different in some places and far away in some places, That’s why foreign languages find a place in different regional languages through translation Somewhere again foreign language influences the Indian language

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However, there are some Bengali words that may not have changed from English words but instead, have enriched English. For example, let’s take the example of Bengali word ‘jilipi’

There is a huge conflict among many people about what the English word for jilipi will be Many people do not know about this To tell the truth, there is no easy English for common people That’s why there are so many questions about Jilip’s English

Jilipi or Jilapi as it is called in Hindi has no English equivalent, experts say. But there is a strange name, it is long Its English is Crispy Funnel Cake Soaked in Sugar Syrup. Although it is not a popular name, many are reluctant to accept it

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