WISE Internship in IPR (WISE-IPR) 2023 | Apply Link, Salary Amount 25k to 35K

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WISE Internship in IPR (WISE-IPR) 2023: In today’s knowledge-driven economy, intellectual property rights (IPR) play a crucial role in protecting and fostering innovation. To ensure the proper management and utilization of intellectual property, organizations rely on skilled professionals well-versed in IPR regulations and strategies.

One initiative that has been instrumental in nurturing future experts in this field is the WISE Internship in IPR. This article explores the significance of the WISE Internship program, its objectives, and the valuable experiences it offers to aspiring IPR professionals.

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Online Applications for WISE Internship in IPR 2023:

Applications invited from women scientists for selection under ‘WISE Internship in
IPR (WISE-IPR)’. The WISE-IPR programme (a programme of the Department of
Science and Technology) offers training in different fields of Intellectual Property Rights

This one-year training programme provides theoretical knowledge of IPRs as well as on-the-job training at various centres in the country.

Eligibility and Age Limit of (WISE-IPR):

Women in age group of 25-45 years and having PG/ Ph.D. or equivalent degree in Basic
and Applied Sciences are eligible to apply.

Women in permanent/ regular employment are not eligible for this program.

Salary Amount:

The stipend is based on qualification for one-year training in WISE-IPR is as follows:

M.Sc. in Basic or Applied Sciences/ B. Tech./ MBBS or equivalentRs. 25,000/- pm
M. Phil. /M. Tech./ M. Pharma/ M. V. Sc. or equivalentRs. 30,000/- pm
Ph.D. in Basic or Applied Sciences or equivalentRs. 35,000/- pm

Understanding the WISE Internship:

The WISE Internship in IPR is a prestigious and highly sought-after program designed to provide undergraduate and graduate students with practical exposure to the dynamic world of intellectual property.

WISE, which stands for “Worldwide Intellectual Property Expertise,” brings together renowned organizations, including law firms, corporations, research institutions, and governmental bodies, to provide interns with comprehensive IPR training and hands-on experience.

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Objectives of the WISE Internship:

The primary objectives of the WISE Internship in IPR are as follows:

  1. Knowledge Development: The program aims to enhance interns’ understanding of IPR laws, regulations, and practices by providing them with comprehensive training sessions and workshops. Interns gain valuable insights into patent, copyright, trademark, and trade secret laws, and learn about the significance of IPR protection in fostering innovation and economic growth.
  2. Practical Exposure: WISE internships offer students an opportunity to apply theoretical knowledge in real-world scenarios. Interns work alongside experienced professionals on live projects, enabling them to gain practical experience in drafting patent applications, conducting prior art searches, analyzing copyright infringement cases, and negotiating licensing agreements.
  3. Professional Networking: The WISE Internship provides a unique platform for interns to build professional networks with leading experts and organizations in the field of intellectual property. Through seminars, conferences, and networking events, interns have the opportunity to interact with professionals, learn from their experiences, and develop lasting connections that can be invaluable for future career prospects.
  4. Cultural Exchange: The program embraces cultural diversity by attracting interns from different countries and backgrounds. This multicultural environment fosters an enriching learning experience and promotes global collaboration in the field of intellectual property.

Application Procedure for WISE Internship in IPR:

Application submission: Applications can be submitted only through online mode.
For detailed information and online submission of application visit website

Detailed advertisement of WISE-IPR is available at www.dst.gov.in and www.tifac.org.in.

Experiences and Benefits:

Participating in the WISE Internship in IPR offers numerous benefits for aspiring IPR professionals:

  1. Skill Development: Interns develop a wide range of essential skills, including legal research, patent drafting, trademark analysis, negotiation techniques, and understanding of global IPR systems. These skills enhance their employability and equip them to tackle complex IPR challenges in their future careers.
  2. Mentorship: Interns work closely with experienced mentors who guide and support them throughout their internship journey. This mentorship provides invaluable insights, career advice, and personalized feedback, helping interns hone their skills and develop a deeper understanding of the IPR landscape.
  3. Professional Growth: The WISE Internship contributes significantly to interns’ personal and professional growth. They gain confidence, learn to adapt to diverse work environments and enhance their problem-solving abilities. The experience also strengthens their critical thinking skills, allowing them to analyze complex legal issues and develop innovative solutions.
  4. Recognition and Opportunities: The WISE Internship is highly regarded within the intellectual property community. Interns who successfully complete the program often receive recognition and recommendations, opening doors to future career opportunities in prestigious law firms, corporations, research institutions, and governmental organizations.

Important Dates & Links:

Last date for submission of online Applications: 31 May, 2023

Official Website of Wise Internships in IPR: Link

Contact person: Ms. Sangeeta Nagar, Scientist-F, TIFAC, New Delhi-110016 through
email: [email protected]

Official Notification: Download

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